If you believe that garden ponds are more like swamps, smelly and absolutely not suitable for swimming, it is deeply mistaken. To combine in a single pond the natural beauty of a picturesque pond and the cleanliness of the pool is quite real, and it can be done without bleach and other chemicals.

The first ponds or baths, as they are called, swimming ponds appeared three decades ago in Austria. In the 2000s, in Europe they started a real boom: the baths perfectly fit into the concept of a healthy lifestyle. Along with the fashion for all natural and organic they got to us and now compete with pools and ornamental ponds.

What are they so good? In fact, the bathing pool is a man – made ecosystem, in which water is cleaned naturally by plants, without chlorine and other chemical additives. The ponds consist of-baths of several parts. The main area for swimming. Usually its depth 1.2−1.8 meters, and the size and shape is limited only by the scope of the land and imagination.

For biological treatment meets the regeneration zone is shallow water with plants. Read more at http://aboutgarden.top/. Another option is a bio plateau – a separate pond or stream, too densely planted plants, through which by means of a pump circulates the water from the main pond. It is possible to use both simultaneously.

Overgrown plants and there is a natural filter. Reeds, swamp iris, sedge, cattail, hyacinth, Susak and other plants absorb first thing substances and thereby purify them from the bath.

The necessity of building a special cleaning area scares at the beginning, but if neglected, water will eventually get turbid, bloom, acquire an unpleasant odor, and in the end, the pond will become like the swamp. But if you do it right, the pond will turn into an Autonomous system which almost requires no maintenance.

Where to start? The first thing to do is to find the place. Well, if the pond is in the shade. In warm water breed bacteria faster and better to the pond illuminated by the sun no more than 5-6 hours a day. At the same time the trees do not have to surround the pond closely, otherwise you’ll have to wage a constant war with the sheets. A great option is the pond next to the bath: steam room after a dip.

It is necessary to provide convenient and safe descent to the water and think about the structure of the rest areas on the shore. How to make a pond, it is better to decide in advance, then to not had to be redone. At this stage it makes sense to invite a landscape designer to help choose the best form of the reservoir and perfectly fit it into the surrounding landscape.

Swimming bowl can be made of concrete – it will last for decades, however, be costly. Another option is film reservoir: in this case the pit is made of polyethylene, PVC or butylcatechol film. The easiest and budget pond – finished plastic shapes. The bottom is best to generously fill small pebbles.

«I inherited a legacy from his grandfather the land in the Tver region, – says Leonid Ryzewski. – A fairly large -18 acres, but with a drawback: it is located in the marshy lowlands. After rains two thirds of the earth is immersed in water. I first dug a drainage ditch, became better. Then decided to make the pond, it all excess water will collect. Began to dig a pit, and one sensible friend advised me to do a bio plateau to the water in the pond was always clean. I decided, why not. Now swimming in a private pond, beautiful!»

It is believed that the minimum size of the pond-bath – 45-50 m2. Half or even a greater part, should be the regeneration area: the larger, the purer the water. It is usually arranged on the side or around the perimeter of the main body of water at a depth of 25-30 cm Plants are planted in made ground, or in containers, the heat-loving will in the winter to move into a warm room.

Have a bio plateau modest dimensions: pond-satellite can be 6 times smaller than the main one. It can be in the form of a small pond, at first glance purely decorative, a stream or even a cascade of ponds with waterfalls or fountains. Of course, that the water from the main pond came to the area a bio plateau, the pump is necessary.

Very useful skimmer – something like a vacuum cleaner. It collects from the surface of the water fallen leaves, twigs, pollen and other debris before the latter has time to settle to the bottom. All that would pollute surface water enters the container, which must be periodically cleaned manually.

After a couple months after all the works are completed, the pond will heal your own life and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

If the dimensions of the area do not allow to arrange a sufficiently large regeneration zone, nature can be a little help. To combat the microorganisms used ultraviolet lamps. Their principle of operation is simple: passing the filter, the water is treated with UV rays that kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, unicellular algae and other microscopic aquatic residents.

In the new, just built and filled with water the pond can be filled product containing pond bacteria: they will start the natural processes of self-cleaning and will help to achieve ecological balance. With the inclusion of UV lamps in this case it is better to wait.