Calculation of distances and routes online is a convenient and useful service, which helps fans travel by car to determine the distance and route of travel, specify driven settlements, Parking lots and rest, to know the exact location of petrol stations on the route, calculate fuel consumption, ride time and more.

The determination of distances between settlements and the route by road

Get directions to auto and define the distance map of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries and Europe

Use of the service is obvious to any driver who is on vacation or on a business trip leaves on long distance or international highway of Russia, CIS and abroad. The service will help you to determine the distance between cities and pave the optimal route for an upcoming trip.

Very comfortable the entire route of the road to pave in advance to know immediately where to stay for holidays or to visit something interesting on the way there will always be attractions that are worth to see. If you’re on vacation and to the destination to get will, great idea to combine relaxation with visits to places of interest.

Automotive online service to plan routes and calculate distances on highways is good because it allows you to get a lot of information to the driver of the car even before the proposed travel. To use the service is easy, simple interface requires no special skills, everything is logical and clear. Try it for yourself and make sure in practice that the proposed calculator is the best way to determine the route by car.

How to calculate and create a route between cities in the online service?

To determine the distance between two points and calculate the route by car, go first to the page of the service calculate distances. Then fill out the form.

Route between the cities using online form

Online tool for route-road

In the fields «from» and «to» specified places of departure and destination, enter the name of settlements.

By clicking on the link «Intermediate points, speed and POI» you can add additional parameters to establish the journey through the city you specify the flow rate and the fuel cost, setting the approximate speed when passing these or those tracks and routes for more accurate travel times.

Using the additional settings for calculating the distances you determine at what distance are selected places where you can refuel your car or refresh yourself as you need money to buy fuel for the whole trip, it would be possible to route with intermediate points.

If there is a need to pass specific localities and, accordingly, a route between the cities, which are outside the direct route, list their names in the «Via». If these settlements are few, when listing separate them with a semicolon. The end result is to determine a route between the cities with regard to the right stop, find out at what distance are the intermediate points and the total distance to the final goal.

To display on a map of gas stations along the route check the box next to the desired type of gas station: petrol, diesel, gas, unknown. Here, by request, you can choose to display cafes and hotels to also see them marked on the map in the results of the calculation.

In the «fuel Consumption» specify the approximate fuel consumption of a vehicle, in the line «fuel Price» — the cost per liter, to be able to accurately calculate the required amount of fuel and the required amount of money.

After making the desired settings, press the «Calculate» button, which opens the calculated information, as shown in the figure below.

The calculation of the route by car according to the specified parameters,

the calculation of fuel and the cost of the route

Online program for route calculation

As can be seen in the figure, the strip driving route is performed via the service Yandex Maps, you can navigate the map, change its view, zoom out and to zoom in for a more detailed study of the route. The proposed service is precisely the determinant of the distances between the cities, which you can get directions by car on the roads of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries and Europe.

Below the route map you can see information about fuel consumption and its cost on the entire path and the route distance and travel time. Below is the list of cities and towns that will be encountered on the route calculation of the route, with information about the length of a path between settlements, about the time of passage of these sections and the total travel time on each segment of the route, as shown in the figure below.

Routing between the cities by road

The service will be a useful tool for those who are looking for guide distances between cities or online Atlas of highways. If along the way you can connect to the Internet, with this service you can do without paper maps, but still more convenient when in the car there is a map of the roads, which at any moment can determine its location and future path.

If your printer is obtained with the help of online service of calculation of distances and the route can be printed out on paper, just click on the link «printable Version». In case if it is not possible to print the calculation results, you can take screenshots and save them as images, which can then be downloaded onto any mobile phone.

On the page with the information for printing the proposed scheme of passages through the major cities located on the route, as well as the calculation of distances and route. If necessary, you can quickly calculate the distance between cities and villages in a particular area or to determine the distance of the route to the next stop, in advance to choose the place for refueling or rest.

Good luck to everyone on the roads!